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Pizza Space

The space where you can find pizza na pedra is an originally stone built house, like many others close by, there were once used for the process and storage of stalted fish. Having it restaured and restructered to the restaurantion business, it kept its originality.

Inicially, Pizza na Pedra, started in a diferente area of the city, less central, less adapted to its concept but equally efficient due to its concept of open space, then inovated.

The actual kitchen was built with the same concept of open space, all our guests can visualise the confection of their pizza and all its ingredients.

Don't be suprise if your kids want to stay by the pizzaiolo, watch him spread the dough. The interaction between our staff and guests is usual in the restaurant due to its layout and the filosofy of our work.

We have the rare privilege to be situated in one of the worlds most beautifull countries, in one of Portugal's most beautifull cities and in the most beautifull area of the city; right in front of the "Ria Formosa" and its islands.

In order to enjoy even better this idealic view, we have reserved for you a space on our top terrace, looking out directly between the trees of the Patrao Joaquim Casaca Garden and the municipal market.

Within this same theme you can find various environments:

  • - During the day, you will find a cool place ready to be explored, full of light, blue skys and shining sun , meridian heat… perhaps you would have an excelent champagne sangria.
  • - In the afternoon, the romance at sunset on the most privileged place in Portugal…. Why not a prosecco from Italie.
  • - At night, a glamour of a refreshing lounge and a terrace looking out to the stars…Why not ???

Only you can choose.

Pizza na Pedra