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Conceived in September 1999 from an idea of three different people with different origins, different life experiences and different professions. Early it stood out due to its gastronomic originality as well as the concept of "prominence to the customer", making it the center of our work.

Throughout the last 12 years, all our efforts were adapted to new kitchen techniques, as well as its finish trends Trends, a word that has been predominant in our career, while Italian restaurant with international fusion. The incessant search of new flavours, techniques and knowledge, humbly took us to search in the most different parts of our planet, confining them in "Pizza na Pedra"; restaurant situated in a land with much history and tradition.

Established initially in "Rua 18 Junho" in Olhão up to the 2004, simply as a pizzeria then was transferred to its current location, reopened in 15 of April of 2004, after a change for a more "trendy" style and gastronomic sophistication, widening its kitchen "Trattoria" concept.

Currently, and of a natural form, it evolved to "Ristorante Enoteca", always under the "Pizza na Pedra" seal..

Pizza na Pedra