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The Beginning

João Alexandre Silva, co-manager, responsable for all the cuisine and logistic of this establishment, was born on 12th of November 1971 in Angola. Having resided in Lisbon from early age to 27, then moved to Olhão in 1997. Between all the various professions undertaken, he made a detour in banking , most relevant fact and curiously the most uninteresting of his career.

While getting involved in this project, a born like taste for food confection awakened which from early times express itself through personal culinary incursions.

Not satisfied, he needed to try and know much more...

From experiencing the most conceptualized restaurants in Champs Elyseés, tasting the explosive flavours of Buddah bar Paris with its excellent decoration where are displayed genuin portugueses tiles, to discovering diferente typical flavours of Italian cuisine, from the suburbs of Milan to Plaza del uomo, from Rome to Napoly, trough the vinyards of Montalcino, traveling the coast of Toscany, Venice, Florence, Parma, Genova, Turin...

Finding out new culinary trends in a city so metropolitan and at the same time with no gastronomic roots, like London, where you can find a mix of cultures, being Asian food of high quality.

From the big North Americain continent, various are the lessons, from San Diego to San Fransisco in California, the creole flavours from New Orlean and Mississipi, the well rooted palate of the Tennessee, the excentricity of the mexican food in Florida, opening your apetite in Brodway New York, dinning in the well known Buddah bar in the Chelsea district, or even a genuin BBQ from Alabama and its wonderfull people.

When we though he had finished, it's in the Alentejo that he finds seasonnings for a simple bolonese confection and in Spain the right flavour for preparing porc.

Regarding wines….well…better not go very far, everybody has curiosity on its magic, brands and origines. Due to this fact, trips to the deep Douro were constant and grew an interest for the Alentejo and the enoturism worldwhile.

No doubt, the experiences with Cecco in Milan and Barbara in Florence were a mark but on their own would be unsignificant next to the knowledge that one adquired during life.


Note from the manager:

I would like to thanks all my collaborators that along this years have helped me to build my dream of having a place that is dear to anyone that visits it.

Enjoy life

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